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The European Union’s F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law on 4 July 2006. This imposes obligations on ‘operators’ (owners) of this equipment from 4 July 2007 that you should know about. F-gases include HFCs, which are the commonest refrigerants in use today. The Regulation aims to minimise emissions of these gases, which affect global warming if they escape into the air. The regulation states that all fixed equipment systems with a refrigerant charge greater than 3 kg will require an annual check for leakage. This must be undertaken by qualified personnel and they will be required to properly recover any HCFC refrigerant removed from a system.


County Power is a member of Refcom who are one of the governing bodies appointed by Defra (the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) so we are qualified to undertake this work.


We can make an initial visit and provide you with a free quotation to carry out the F-Gas inspection and certification.   

Ban on R22 Refrigerant

If your air conditioning system is over eight years old now is the time to check out this legislation. From 1 January 2010 it has been illegal to use virgin hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) such as R22 (which has been the most commonly used refrigerant) when servicing and maintaining air conditioning equipment. Until 31 December 2014 temporary use of recycled/recovered R22 is possible but availability is limited and costs are increasing. From 1 January 2015 the sale or use of recycled/recovered R22 will be prohibited.

One of the services that County Power offers is a free R22 audit. We will visit your premises, assess how many units carry R22 and will provide you with a free quotation to replace the equipment. We can discuss other options too, including the use of ‘drop-in’ or replacement refrigerant. It may also be possible to use ‘Replace Technology’ which means replacing the indoor and outdoor units and leaving the pipework in between. The benefit is a quicker and less costly installation and no need to disrupt your business by having to replace pipework in ceilings and other areas.  

Please call us now on 01536 744446 or complete the form on the Contact Us page and request a FREE F-Gas survey or R-22 audit.

Air Conditioning Wellingborough Northants F-Gas
Air Conditioning Wellingborough Northants F-Gas