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Air Conditioning for Northamptonshire and Surrounding Counties

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Air Conditioning for Northamptonshire and Surrounding Counties

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Air Conditioning

Just as the name says, air conditioning systems ‘condition’ the air. Many of the units have special filters that remove dust and even bacteria. Most of us think about air conditioning for cooling only but almost all new air conditioning units both heat and cool. This means you are getting two functions in the same unit for the same price, so air conditioning systems are perfect for both your business or home.

Are they expensive to run? Actually, they are very energy efficient, so much so that the new ‘green’ name for air conditioning units is air source heat pumps. For every kilowatt (kW) of energy you put in you can get three to five times the energy in heat out. For this reason we only have to charge 5% VAT when installing air conditioning in your home or conservatory. And for your business, 100% tax relief is achievable for air source heat pumps in the first year.

We provide full step-by-step information in our free quotation.

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